Back To School: What’s in my Emergency Beauty Kit


Hello, everyone, it’s time for my back-to-school posts! I just had my first day of school today(9/2) and I’m exhausted. Seeing old friends and having a fresh start is always fun, though. I have a promising schedule, which is exciting, and I can’t wait to start creating some amazing designs and photography.  A little later I’ll show you guys my school supplies and my first week outfits, but for now I wanted to share my emergency beauty kit. This kit is for freshening up and just having a few products to make your life easier at school. I hope this inspires you to make your own, as you can add on what you personally require.


Since I have braces, it’s essential that I brush my teeth. I pack a travel toothbrush and toothpaste for after lunch to make sure no food gets stuck in my teeth. My hair also gets crazy during the day and I often need some help! A mini brush, hair smoothing cream, and extra hair ties in a clip are perfect for this.


During the fall and winter seasons, I need a little moisture. I pack vanilla hand cream and lip balm for my super dry hands and cracked lips. Tissues are great to have during this season too. And who can forget hand sanitizer?


To freshen up after gym class I like to have deodorant and body spray. That and a small perfume keeps me from feeling gross the rest of the day. I also like a pack of wipes so my face doesn’t feel all sweaty after class.


A compact is essential for touch-ups, as are a mini brush and powder pad. In case my nails break, I like this adorable nail file kit that looks like a pack of matches 🙂 I throw in some tweezers too for any stray hairs.


Last but not least, I like to include some makeup. This is just in case I need a touch-up or I’m going somewhere straight after school. I don’t go too crazy, just some cover-up and powder, with a gloss and small eye shadow. A cream eye shadow stick is also nice to have.

In my bag I also have things like pads and Advil, but I don’t need to show that. The trick is to throw in what is essential to you so that you’re always prepared. I like to keep all my stuff in a cute makeup bag that I store in my backpack. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for some more back to school 🙂

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