Black Friday Weekend Haul

Black Friday Haul_6

Hey, guys! Wow it’s been so long since I’ve posted 😦 I’m so sorry I’ve been extremely busy with school and applying to colleges, it’s a crazy time of year. I’m pretty terrible with managing my time, so I need to work on that and stick to my commitments. I’m going to try to figure out a posting schedule so this doesn’t happen again! And don’t think I forgot all about this blog, I’ve been taking OOTD pictures and I can’t wait to share 🙂 But now I’m showing you my Black Friday haul 😀 I went out on Friday AND Saturday and picked up a few things for myself (oops), and I also ordered some shirts off Hot Topic (which I will post when they arrive, along with a cute macaroon coin purse). I didn’t show the fabric I got at Jo Anne’s, but I can’t wait to start sewing! I have so many things I want to do, but school comes first 😦 My birthday is Thursday so I’m excited to be 18 ❤ Anyway, here it is!

Black Friday Haul I bought some Legend of Zelda merchandise at f.y.e. since it was buy one get one fifty percent off. On the left is a beautiful puzzle with the map of Hyrule (the mystical land where the video games usually take place) that I want to complete and frame. On the right are Ocarina of Time decals that you can stick on your wall. I love the game art (it’s soooo beautiful) and Ocarina is one of my favorite games ever.

Black Friday Haul_1 Black Friday Haul_2These shirts are both from Charlotte Russe and were on sale for around ten dollars. If you can’t tell already, I love lace. And black. And white. I can’t wait to wear them and look like a goth hippie or a Victorian beauty 😉

Black Friday Haul_3 Black Friday Haul_4I also bought footed fleece-lined tights from Charlotte Russe to keep me warm in the chilly weather. They are my secret to fashion success in the winter because they keep your legs toasty and warm while allowing you to wear skirts and dresses! The spider choker is from Claire’s (lol) and I got it for under two dollars. I wanted to try something different and also do a throwback to the past when I wore chokers in like second grade 🙂

Black Friday Haul_5I had to make a stop at Ulta, the makeup superstore. I like their Black Friday deals and I always do their 5 for 5. As you can see, I have ten makeup items. On Black Friday, you can mix and match five different selected makeup products for only five dollars. So naturally I got ten for ten dollars 🙂 It’s a great deal for some nice makeup for the holidays!

Black Friday Haul_8Black Friday Haul_7Finally I purchased this beautiful Lorac shimmer eye shadow palette at Ulta. For twelve dollars you can get a decent amount of shadow in these lovely shades. I’m so excited for this because Lorac has great eye shadows! I already used it and it’s gorgeous and romantic looking. I’ll probably do a review on it if you all want 🙂

Thanks for listening and don’t give up hope, I’ll be back! I can’t wait to catch up on all your brilliant posts and see what you are thinking. Please comment on your Black Friday experience and tell me what you think of my haul 🙂

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