Plants Are Friends


Today my college had an event advertised as ‘Pinterest Jams’ where you come listen to live music and make plants. There was a huge line and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make one before they ran out of supplies, but I arrived just in time. We were able to pick a jar, fill it with stones and dirt and plant food, and then pick either a cactus or succulent. It was a tough decision, but I picked two small baby cacti (back right). The other cacti are some of the plants my friends made. I was very excited for this event because I had wanted to buy a plant for college as my ‘pet’, but I didn’t have time. Now I can keep this little gal on my windowsill to brighten up my room and soak up the sunshine. I have to water her about once a week which isn’t too tough for someone as forgetful as me. I’m thinking of names for the two babies, any ideas? All in all, I’m happy to have a new friend and I hope it lifts my mood whenever I see her!



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